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The Importance of Bible Study for Spiritual Growth

The great and inspired writers of the Bible, the word of God, say some powerful and so meaningful words about the word of God, even as we see and hear of one saying that the word of God is a lamp unto his feet. Believers are admonished to meet regularly and to enjoy the breaking of bread, here is meant to be the preaching and teaching of the word of God. Elsewhere we are told of how Paul the apostle ranted or scolded the Corinthian Christians reason being their rather unspiritual attitudes and behavior, (read 1 Corinthians 3:1-4). This, spiritual death, was such a cancerous problem that was seen to be affecting the Corinthian church and it was in part attributed to the fact that many of them had such limited knowledge in the ways of God. As such, somewhere he further admonishes them in the same book of 1st Corinthians 15:34. As a matter of fact, these are seen to be quite strong yet important words for the Christian church to bring to bear in their day and age anytime and any day. Timothy further admonishes all to give themselves to the study of the word of God, reiterating the fact that the word of God is given for the good of the Christian. As a matter of fact, the word of God is of such great significance for the health and growth of one’s spirituality.

Just as the human grows physically in the eating of healthy and nutritious food, the same way is it for one’s spiritual health. This is the other aspect of one’s health that needs to be tended to and fed as much as can be for it to grow equally well and healthy. When starved of the requisite food and nutrition, this aspect of your health will stand malnourished and eventually die. This is the reason for you to ensure that you have it well fed and attended to in so far as its nutritional needs go. And the best way to do this is to feed it with the required spiritual food, which is in constant communication with the Lord. Lots of prayer to God is essential for your spiritual needs. But you need to be aware of the fact that mere prayer makes the communication between you and God be one way. You will be the only one expressing your desires to the Lord without you really knowing what it is that the Lord expects of you. You need to have a revelation of what it is that the Lord as well says and expects of you. This is the way that you get to complete the communication between you and God.

God reveals himself to us in special revelation and general revelation. We all know of his existence in general revelation. But for a deeper understanding of what God wills of us, to have that special revelation of him we need to be in constant communication with Him. This is via a study of the word of God, the Bible. Bible study is so essential for your needs in terms of spiritual growth.

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