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Maintenance Tips For Travertine Marble Stone

Travertine is a sedimentary milled tile created from limestone that is formed just before marble stone. Travertine stone is very durable and is found in various earthy colors.

Travertine stone has been used as a building material for years because of its ability to be shaped to fit just about any purpose anywhere. Travertine tiles can be installed with minimal grout lines on your floor to give it an overall smooth stone appearance.

Another thing you should know about travertine stone tiles is that they provide durable flooring solutions.Travertine tiles can also be used for other areas like the exterior wall cladding, shower, surrounding swimming pools or for general floors and decorative fixtures around the house.

Travertine stone is less dense than the granite and is very sensitive to acidic liquids like wine, and juice.For Travertine a lot depends on the sort of finish applied to the travertine unlike the other types of stones. This helps facilitate within the event of a spill of red wine or any aggressive agents like fruit juice on your countertops or floors.

And the best way to clean or rather wipe up spills is to scrub up quickly using hot water and a stone cleansing product. This is because as said earlier travertine stone is highly sensitive to some agents.

Another tip is always dust mop a travertine floor frequently.Shield and canopy is another way to maintain travertine stone.

Poultices for stubborn stains is another way to take care of stains on the travertine stone.

The best materials for cleaning your flooring are a sponge or soft cloth and use warm water and a specialty tile cleaning solution which can be found in your local hardware shop.

They are different from other minerals because travertine does not get heated up even in conditions of intense heat and this makes them appropriate for places that experience extreme summer heat. Another advantage of travertine stone is that it is available in a wide variety of styles.

Another advantage of travertine stone is that its pavers are the perfect selection for around the pool and entertainment areas.

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