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The Best Humidors for your Needs

Humidor is the name given to controlled humidity spaces such as rooms and boxes to be used for special reasons. By control we imply that humidity is kept at the owner of the box or room’s desire. In most places in the world, humidors are used to store cigarettes and cigars. In some instances humidors can be used to store cannabis and tobacco. The humidor achieves one solution for all these items which is ensuring that the storage facility has the correct humidity level for the items. There are other websites that offer different applications of humidors. You can visit such websites and learn more.

There are few situations where humidors have also been used in sporting events. In baseball for instance there is a belief that a humidor can maintain a certain level of humidity for a baseball which aids in performance during a game. To understand such beliefs, find sites with more information and read more now! Enrich your knowledge base here! Though not common, this concept has been applied in the past and produced desired results. This theory is based on the fact that baseballs subjected to ideal humidity conditions react differently to being hit by a baseball bat.

Humidors are mostly made from wood. The usage of metal and glass is however gaining traction in the modern world. The best material is one that is airtight hence enabling containment of humidity to levels that are desirable. Also to be considered is durability of the material due to the fact that humidity can slowly erode materials after a lengthy period of time. Spanish cedar is the main material used in the inner side of the humidor. The moisture cedar can contain is more than what wood can contain.

Several type of humidors exist in the world. First among them is the walk-in humidor. Most cigar bars have such humidors at their entrances. The purpose of this storage is to ensure that users smoke cigars that are well maintained and stored. The cabinet humidor is the second type of humidor. This humidor is usually designed like a cabinet and placed on the floor. It has a huge capacity to hold over one thousand cigars. However, the humidor that you will find in most places is the desktop humidor.

The desktop humidor is designed like a box that may have drawers all serving as separate humidors. Even though it is very common it does not have capacity to hold very many cigars. Five hundred cigars is the largest number they can hold. The travel humidor is the last type of humidor. As the name suggests, this humidor is designed to enable one travel using it. Travel humidors are therefore very portable. This is also the reason why it holds few cigars. The maximum number of cigars in most travel humidors is twenty.