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The Importance of Handheld 3D Scanners

The many industries should think ahead and they must also build a lot better products quickly. They also have to be sure that the components are able to conform with the original design of the most excellent standards to really avoid the safety issues. The product development process of a certain component is divided in three steps which are the design, then manufacturing and lastly, quality control.

The new product must first begin with the design. The mockups and sketches are made and then the first CAD model is also created in order to come up with the first prototype. When parts get into manufacturing, tooling would be necessary and maintained to guarantee the product’s quality. The first article inspection would allow the manufacturer to take various measurements of such first part created in order to verify that this matches the original 3D model. When such doesn’t, then this would go back to the design or manufacturing and this will have to depend on the root cause.

The entire process is surely relevant for the aftermarket producers in any industry. When you are actually working in those aftermarket industries with those existing products which need to have a component replaced or customized, then you must make use of reverse engineering. This is going to help you get the dimensions from the original one and ensure that the new product would fit quite well.

By using the handheld 3D scanner, then you can accomplish more things. It is very necessary that you deal with the many challenges in the process for you to ensure that you are able to optimize the productivity. Such is where 3D scanning would surely come in handy. The handheld or the portable 3D scanners are definitely now becoming a necessity for those who are searching to make the best projects at a small amount of time and without spending so much. Such portable 3D scanning technology may certainly be utilized for several applications in the product lifecycle management process, whatever is the experience in 3D technology.

Also a use of the 3D scanning is for competitive analysis. Using such handheld 3D scnaner may allow you quickly and easily analyze the competitor’s products to optimize your own and be sure that you really develop the best for your customers.

For those who belong to the product development, 3D scanning has played a very significant role. Know that the productivity is going to increase significantly. The ability of responding quickly in the approbation step or in troubleshooting while ensuring that you are able to make things right every time is surely something that a 3D scanner would bring to the business.
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